O.K. - So you've never danced before -

      We'll have you up and running in no time!


        Here are the answers to some of your questions:


   " How to I get started?"

        Swing dancing is an informal and fun way to start dancing!

        Getting started is as easy as turning up and joining in, as our  

        Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday classes have complete beginner lessons at 8pm

        every week.


     "Do I need a Partner?"

        Unless you particulary wish to stay with a fixed partner, 

        everybody rotates in the class, so you get to dance with more 

        experienced dancers.


       "What should I wear? "

         Anything that you feel comfortable exercising in!

        you don't need special shoes to start with, trainers are fine.


        "I dance another style"

        That's good because you'll already know some of what we do, many other dances

        are partly or entirely based on swing dance steps.