About us and Swing Dancing

Enhancing your Dancing since 2005

For the last nineteen years we have been teaching a wide variety of related dance styles, all steeped in the joy and sophistication of swing and related music.

We believe that dancing is not only good for you physically, but for your soul and spirit too!

Many people who discover dancing make it a core part of their lives, due to how much you get back, from putting in relatively small amounts of effort.

Make friends, have fun, dance socially, get some exercise without feeling like a hamster in a wheel at the gym, learn to perform – whatever your goals, we have something for you.

We teach people to dance together to music ranging from the

Charlestons of the roaring 20’s through to the big band swing of Count Basie and Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, and the cool rat pack sounds of Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr, through R’n’B Jump Jive, Boogie Woogie, Rock’n Roll, through the Swinging 60’s right up to the modern day with Harry Connick Jr, Michael Buble and Robbie Williams.

This music ranges from ultra cool and funky, to sizzling hot and crazy. Whatever your style we have something for you. Every week we cater for complete dance beginners in our first classes, all you need to bring is some comfy shoes, an open mind, and your smile, cos your gonna need it! Our classes are relaxed and friendly, allowing you to have a good time as you learn to dance.

You don’t need to bring a partner, as everyone rotates in the class.

By the end of the class everyone will have danced with everyone.

As well as classes, and workshops, we also run live music and freestyle nights, where you get to show off your skills!

Don’t just take our word for it though, come along and check it out – we look forward to seeing you soon.

Mike Amin & Mel Lipman

Swing dance descriptions

Information about some Swing Dances

Lindy Hop

Developed in Eastern United States during the early swing era. Evolved through the 30’s and 40’s, and is still as fresh as it ever was. Ranging from seeming acrobatic, athletic impossibility, to smooth connected, sophisticated bliss. Originally a wild and energetic dance, it is very popular as a social dance as it incorporates a strong improvisational ethic, great lead/follow, fantastic dynamics and stylings, technical depth and breadth yet doesn’t take itself too seriously – look around a class of Lindy Hoppers – they’ll all be smiling. Fun to learn and use from beginner to expert, there really always is something new to learn. Named “the Happy Dance” by one of it’s creators Frankie Manning.    

Aerials / lifts / dips

First introduced by Frankie ‘musclehead’ Manning in Harlem in 1935 as a competition winner, they are staples of Swing dancing performances.

1920s Charleston

Can you think of a more crazy, wonderful dance style? As fun to dance as it is to watch! Cheeky, rhythmical, and full of brilliant flourishes. Both solo and partnered Charleston really, really rock!

Not an accident that it regularly wins strictly hands down.


Developed during the swing era in the Western United States, “Bal” is a super gracefull, skillfull, dancers dance. Loved by dancers for its deep dance “connection”. Full of endless subtleties, relatively easy to dance to very fast music, although not just for fast music, a must-have part of every competent swing dancers repertoire.  

Authentic Jazz

Steeped in history that predates the Jazz era, authentic Jazz encompasses many of the rhythms, stylings, and techniques of other Jazz era dances. Part American Rhythm tap (think Bill Bojangles the Nicholas brothers and Fred Astaire) part Charleston, plus many other influences too numerous to name, a command of Authentic Jazz is fundamental to progressing your swing dancing. It’s fun to do and mastering it will give you a ton of great skills.  

Collegiate Shag

Developed around the same time as Lindy Hop and was popular with the college kids, hence the name. A very energetic and fun dance involving plenty of hopping and kicking. Looks great when it’s done smoothly, the style of all the greats.

Authentic Blues

Slow music scary? The ultra expressive, ultra connected techniques in Blues dancing will extend your versatility into the cooler, groovier soulful world of Blues. Funky, cool, or downright sexy, you choose the style! Blues technique will allow you to express yourself in unique ways. Move in total harmony with your partner. Learn to move together totally in rhythm.