Swingsters Classes
Swing Dance Classes from Swingsters

Our classes are fun, friendly & high quality with 19 years of experience teaching beginners, performers and other teachers. We also run private sessions for individuals, couples & groups.

Tuesday PM Turvey -Jazzumba + Swing /Jive

Tuesday Eves Northampton – Swing Classes

Wednesday PM Bedford -Jazzumba

Wednesday Eves Bedford – Swing Classes

Thursday Eves Bedford/M.K. – Balboa Class & Live Band

June 2024

Courses & Classes 2023

Tuesday afternoons Jazzumba + Swing/Jive

GEMC Bedford & Northampton

Wednesday afternoons Jazzumba

GEMC Bedford & Northampton

Thursday afternoons Jazzumba + Swing/Jive

GEMC Dunstable

Tuesdays eve swing classes in Northampton

Swingsters Swing Hampton

Swing Hampton Tues Northampton

Spring Drop in classes

Swing Basics – 2024


Learn some great swing fundamentals that put a smile on your face and a spring in your stride!

£8 drop-in

£8 drop-in
£8 for one class £15 for two classes

Wednesday eve swing classes in Bedford

Swingsters Swing Den Bedford

Swing Den Weds Bedford

Summer Courses

New 8 Week Swing beginners course

Starts 15th May 2024

Summer Drop in classes 2024


8:15-9pm – move on from the basics

You will need to know 6 & 8 count Lindy Hop/Charleston


9-10pm – Get a real challenge
You are competent as a lead or a follow in your swing-outs, lindy turns, circles and lindy Charleston – variations, rhythm changes and musicality do not phase you.
Intermediates = £8

Planet Swing Thursdays

Thursday eve classes + bands @ Planet Swing Bedford + M.K.

Balboa Swing Dance Classes

Balboa Swing Dance Class

Drop ins £8 or £25 monthly


Learn this wonderful graceful and sophisticated Swing Dance, small intricate steps made up of shuffles and holds usually danced to up tempo music but works well with everything that swings and more!

Plus high quality live music to dance and / or listen to every Thursday!

Health and safety

▪ We would prefer everybody to be double vaccinated
▪ We prefer that you wear a mask only on arrival
▪ Ideally you will take a rapid flow test prior to attending any class or event
▪ We will take temperatures on arrival and require you to sanitize hands
▪ Bubble and rotating dancers will be in separated areas in class
▪ We will maintain a one-way system at class, sanitizing in between
▪ All our venues are well ventilated and will be sanitized before arrival

Private classes

Theses include first dance sessions as well as specialist one on one / two on two tuition and custom choreography

We are available for private lessons on:

Wednesdays 1:30pm till 6:30pm

Thursdays 4-6pm

Weekends – contact us to check for availability

Book a private today if you:

  • Want to get to grips with the basic footwork and go over the fundamentals and shapes in a private environment
  • Have your own agenda for a first dance or performance
  • Would like to prepare for an event workshop or as a great way to get back into ‘the swing’ of dancing and ready for courses
  • Would like to be assessed by teachers of a high skill level with 20 years swing dance experience and given practical expert tips and exercises to help you create better dance form rhythm posture presentation style projection etc
  • Would like to connect better with a partner and or the music

First Dance Lessons
First Dance Lessons