Spring 2022 Courses

Starting on Wednesday 6th April 2022

5 Week – Swing Beginners Re-Cap “Course” 7:15-8:05pm

This Course is aimed at dancers who want to take the next step and swing into the Improvers Class | Re-Cap the Foundations | Fast Learner
Learn/Recap the fundamental steps/shapes to swing your way onto the dance floor.
£30pp payable on the first day of term in Cash
Bookings are now open

Starting on Wed 6th April – 4th May

7:15-8:05pm – Improvers Swing Dance “Drop-in Class” – £7

You will need to know 6 & 8 count Lindy Hop/Charleston

8:15-9:10pm – Intermediate Swing Dance “Drop-in Class” – £7

Do you want to take your Swing dance to the next level?
This is for you, we will be working on extra rhythms, styling, connection & shapes.

If you attend the Improvers and Intermediate Class it is only £12

9:15-10:15pm – 5 Week Collegiate Shag “Course”

£30pp payable on the first day of term in cash
Let’s warm up the cold nights with Collegiate Shag which is largely danced to up tempo swing and pre-swing jazz music.
The dance is made up of steps and chugs, we will be starting with the 6 count.

If you want to book or require more information please email

Please wear a mask on arrival.

We recommend that you are: triple vaccinated – & have completed a LFT
Your temperature will be taken on arrival and you will be encouraged to use the complimentary hand sanitisers.
The hall is very well ventilated and we will continue to provide a safe environment for our dancers.
See you on the dance floor,
Mike & Mel – John & Shelley